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Who Are They?

Miranda Lambert
“Lone Star Annie”
Ashley Monroe
“Hippie Annie”
Angaleena Presley
“Holler Annie”

Hell On Heels
Release Date: August 23, 2011
Tracks: 10
Label: Columbia Nashville

01. Hell On Heels
02. Lemon Drop
03. Beige
04. Bad Example
05. Housewife’s Prayer
06. Takin’ Pills
07. Boys From The South
08. The Hunter’s Wife
09. Trailer For Rent
10. Family Fued

Fun Facts
– Miranda debuted the group on April 4, 2011 at Academy of Country Music’s ‘Girls’ Night Out’ special.
– Ashley has written songs for Jason Aldean as well as band mate Miranda Lambert.

Quotes From The Annies
— “It’s a girl named Angaleena Presley from East Kentucky and Ashley Monroe, and they’re both artists on their own and they’re great friends of mine. We’ve just been writing songs like crazy, and I always wanted to do a girl project. It’s not your typical girl trio. We definitely have an edge. [laughs] We sing a lot about housewives.” – Miranda Lambert

— “She kicks the door open for artist like us who speak their minds and stick to their guns like us, and I’m so proud to be her friend and you know to write with her and getting to know her has been great.” – Angaleena Presley [speaking about Miranda]

— “I thought of the idea for this song [Lemon Drop] when I was literally laying under my car on the side of the road … tying up my muffler with a guitar string. True story!” – Angaleena Presley

— “Pistol Annies is a lot of fun for me because I get to work with my two good friends, Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe. They are both true wordsmiths and incredible musicians with their own sounds, so I love the creative chemistry we all have together. Without knowing quite where our new music fits, we’re just calling it “music for housewives.” – Miranda Lambert

— “I love sharing the stage with my two talented, lovely friends, Ashley and Angaleena. It takes some of the pressure off me! They are amazing singer-songwriters, and when we get together, we always have a good time and create pretty original art. Our songs express things that most women think but just won’t say. It’s kind of a different vibe from my solo music, so it is great being able to be adventurous and to get Ashley and Angaleena’s voices heard.” – Miranda Lambert

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