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Miranda Honored At CMT Artists Of The Year

December 3rd, 2014
Miranda Daily Staff

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CMT.Com — Miranda Lambert performed “Holdin’ On to You” and accepted accolades from two of her friends during Tuesday night’s (Dec. 2) CMT Artists of the Year special in Nashville.

“Our next CMT Artist of the Year is one bad-ass sweetheart,” NASCAR star Danica Patrick said in introducing Lambert’s live performance. “Whatever house built her, it definitely built her to last.

“She can be tough. She can be tender, but she’s always herself, and we love her for it. So it’s a thrill to help CMT celebrate an artist who’s had a big and positive impact on country music — and music, period. Like everything she does, her latest album, Platinum, reflects her talent, her soul and her honesty.”

Dressed in an elegant white dress, Lambert sang the “Holdin’ On to You,” a track from Platinum.

“As she just showed you once again, Miranda Lambert is the real deal,” Monroe said afterwards. “I was honored to write that song with Miranda and Jessi Alexander and very proud to call Miranda my very best friend and a true artist year after year.”

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Despite being a consistent winner at major awards shows, Lambert still seems delightfully uncomfortable giving acceptance speeches.

“I’m so nervous,” she said. “I’m glad that’s over. Thank you, Ashley. Thank you, Danica, for being here. Thank you, CMT, for this amazing night in honoring everything we work for so hard all year and all the amazing artists. My husband, I always forget to thank him, but he’s my rock — Blake Shelton.”

After the audience joined her in laughing at the last statement, Lambert continued her comments.

“He’s somewhere on TV right now, I think. But I appreciate it so much. And thank you so much to the fans for buying our music — all of our music — and giving us a great life and letting us live our dream.”

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