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“Annie Up” Album Reviews

May 6th, 2013
Miranda Daily Staff

Annie up will be out tomorrow! Here are some reviews!


When the all-girl trio Pistol Annies– made up of Miranda Lambert (aka “Lone Star Annie”), Ashley Monroe (“Hippie Annie”) and Angaleena Presley (“Holler Annie”) – released their gritty 2011 debut, Hell On Heels, the collaboration was initially thought of more as a side project. Yet, given the girls’ uncanny chemistry and gift for captivating realism, it was obvious that the group was more than just a one-off. Next week on May 7, Pistol Annies return with their follow up, Annie Up, a 12-round blast signaling that these three Annies are just getting started.

It’s hard to argue that Hell On Heels wasn’t a fantastic record (just ask Neil Young and John Fogerty – both of whom are fans), however, the difference this time around is that Miranda, Ashley and Angaleena seem to be finding their identity as a true ensemble – not just three excellent songwriters getting together for a great time. Even their nicknames point to an increasing ease as they settle into their roles as part of the band. And interestingly, Annie Up itself dives into new themes with a heavy emphasis on image.

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The Washington Post

“Annie Up” is a good title for the Pistol Annies’ second album. Like the gambling term it playfully puns, the title underscores that this brash trio is raising the stakes, investing more time, effort and artistic nerve into its new 12-song collection.

The gamble pays off: “Annie Up” builds on the trio’s successful debut “Hell on Heels” by taking even more risks with bold material and inventive arrangements. Mixing bawdy humour with sensitive insight, the Annies entertainingly take on real-life issues, including how Southern families quell their secrets (“Hush Hush”), how alcoholics curse themselves while pouring another drink (“Dear Sobriety”) and how women struggle with what it takes to prepare for an evening (“Being Pretty Ain’t Pretty”).

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Salt Lake Tribune
Grade: A-

And people looking for the fun country shown by the Dixie Chicks will find primarily rock-influenced production that is serious to the point of dry earnestness. The best of the three albums released on May 7 comes from the Pistol Annies, the trio of Lambert, Monroe and Angaleena Presley.

With Lambert and Monroe onboard, the bluegrass-inspired collection is nothing short of entertaining, even when the women complain non-stop about the men in their lives. With songs such as “I Feel A Sin Comin’ On,” “Dear Sobriety,” and “Unhappily Married,” the women are alternately lusty, boozy, and detail-oriented, and offer fresh perspectives on tales usually sang by country’s redneck men.

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