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Miranda Lambert Covers People Country Special

March 26th, 2014
Miranda Daily Staff

Thanks to People for giving us a heads up! Miranda is their cover girl for the People Country Special! Be sure to pick up your copy this Friday to support Miranda!

PEOPLE COUNTRY COVER STORY: Miranda Lambert Sounds Off About Rumors Her Marriage to Blake Shelton Is ‘Boring’

(NEW YORK) – It’s a sub-freezing February afternoon in Nashville and Miranda Lambert has just slipped into a $9,000 strapless silk chiffon gown. In a minute, she’ll brave the cold to step outside in front of a waiting camera, but at the moment, she’s poking fun at the decadence of couture: “This is what famous people do – lounge around in gowns all day!” she jokes.

After donning a few finishing touches – a pair of silver boots from her new retail line and a vintage pistol holster – the singer emerges with an Annie Oakley-meets-supermodel strut.

There’s little danger of Lambert abandoning her guns-ablazing image, but at the age of 30, she’s now comfortable mixing in a bit of glam with her gunpowder. (Her latest obsession? A hot pink Gucci tote, a $1,800 gift from her manager.) She’s also learning to be OK with softening what she calls her “I’ll burn your house down if you don’t listen to me” attitude.

“That attitude brought me here and got me where I am,” she says. “But that was me in my 20s. The chip on my shoulder is gone.”

With more than five million in album sales and an awards shelf crowded with six CMAs, 15 ACMs and a Grammy, “I feel like people have accepted me for who I am, with all the craziness, loudness and fire.”

These days, she’s a little less Miranda-rita party girl and a little more fine wine aficionado (“I think I’m turning into a wine snob!”); less Crazy Ex Girlfriend, more supportive spouse: “At some point, you calm down. I’m happy. I’m more settled. I’ve put down roots.”

That new contentment filters through the songs from her upcoming fifth album, Platinum, due out June 3, like her first single, the sweetly nostalgic “Automatic.” But it says something about the nature of Lambert’s fame – and the harsh media glare on her nearly three year marriage to Blake Shelton – that even before the song was released, some wondered whether it was meant as a jab at the couple’s relationship.

“There were rumors that it was about our marriage, that it had become boring and predictable. How do people even think that up?” Lambert says.

“It’s not easy when everyone is trying to tear you down, but you make a commitment and you stick to it. In other parts of the entertainment world, it sometimes seems like marriage is so disposable. But country has some enduring marriages – Johnny and June, George and Nancy, Faith and Tim. I’m thankful we have those role models. I feel like our peers are rooting for us. They’re holding us up.”

Source – People

Miranda Talks Christmas Albums & Decorations

December 18th, 2013
Miranda Daily Staff

I’m sure Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert love Christmas. No arguments there. But the music? He seems to be all for it, and she is not so into it.

“Blake burns me up on Christmas albums. He plays Christmas music all year long,” Lambert said of her husband in a recent radio interview. “So by the time Christmas actually gets there, I’m sick to death of Christmas music,” she laughed.

And she also said she has absolutely no plans to record a Christmas album anytime soon.

“I do not want to do a Christmas album,” Lambert said.

Shelton’s Cheers, It’s Christmas album does feature a duet with Lambert on “Jingle Bell Rock” and another with her Pistol Annies trio on “Blue Christmas,” but that may be all we get from her for the holidays. That record was Shelton’s seventh album, but his first Christmas one. And Shelton is so into Christmas, he had his own holiday TV special last year — Blake Shelton’s Not So Family Christmas — and this year, he made an appearance on Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale.

Plus, it sounds like Lambert is too busy cooking, decorating and getting in touch with her not-so-gunpowder-and-lead side to take part in holiday music, anyway.

“I get really domestic during holidays,” she said. “And it’s kind of weird because it’s so opposite of who I am onstage, but I love to bake cookies and cook dinner for the whole family. And I have every decoration you can think of, and I like to have a tree in every room. I mean, that’s my time to just get ultra girly.”

Source – CMT

Miranda Wants To Do A Album With More Fun Songs

June 13th, 2013
Miranda Daily Staff

Miranda Lambert is having a pretty good time of it.

When “Four the Record” topped the Billboard country chart in November 2011, she became the first artist in that chart’s 47-year history to have her first four albums debut at No. 1.

She also picked up album of the year at the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards.

At this year’s ACMs, she took home song and single of the year for “Over You,” a chart-topping ballad she co-wrote with husband Blake Shelton, while adding a fourth consecutive female vocalist of the year ACM to her list of accomplishments.

At 29, she’s pretty much as big as country singers get without overtly crossing over into pop like Taylor Swift.

And that makes Lambert kind of nervous.

“It’s a little scary,” she says, “because I’ll never know when it’s just gonna stop. And I am just afraid it’s gonna stop abruptly.”

Lambert laughs, then adds, “I’m like, ‘OK, when’s the other shoe gonna drop. This is all too good.’ Everybody has a point in their career where they kind of hit their prime, and I feel like that’s where Blake and I both are right now, and it’s really great to celebrate that together.”

It’s pointed out that she and Shelton, who stars as a mentor/judge on NBC’s “The Voice,” are something of a country-music power couple.

“We are,” Lambert says, with another laugh. “And that’s so weird because when we first met, we never would have thought that. And we didn’t get together to try to be that. But it sure is nice to not feel like one is ahead of the other. It’s really kind of equal with all the great things going on. It’s fun because it’s neat to watch each other.

“And now, when it starts to go down, we’ll be on the downhill, slowing-down slope together, which might be nice as well.”

Asked if she finds herself thinking about the downhill slope ahead when she’s making a record, Lambert answers quickly and emphatically.

“Yeah!” she says. “I mean, I freak out every time. I’m like a basket case when it’s time to make a record. I get so nervous as to ‘Is this gonna work? Is this gonna be the album that stops selling, that stops getting nominated?’ I know that I can’t live like that. I can’t do my whole career like that. But it definitely crosses my mind.”

One thing she does not do, though, Lambert says, is let those kind of thoughts define the music she records.

“I never will,” she says. “To me, playing it safe is when it will end. I have never played it safe. I don’t go into the studio going ‘I’m gonna be different’ or ‘I’m gonna do something crazy.’ I just do what I like. And if it’s not safe, well, that has to be what it is. I’m always gonna do that. If I write a song I love, I cut it. It is just that simple.

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Miranda Won’t Be Pulled Into Gun Debate

April 27th, 2013
Miranda Daily Staff

One of the most widely-debated hot-button issues in the country today, of course, is gun control. But just because her albums include such songs as “Gunpowder and Lead” and “Time to Get a Gun,” that doesn’t mean Miranda Lambert relishes the idea of finding herself in the crossfire of such heated discourse, knowing as she does that sharing one’s personal opinion on a highly-politicized topic could mean trouble for your career.

“I pretty much will answer any questions with a truthful answer, because that’s just how I am,” Miranda tells The Boot. “But when it comes to any sort of political debate or anything revolving around politics, I’m a huge fan of the Dixie Chicks and I saw what happened and I learned from that. I don’t want to ever use my career or this thing that I’ve built as a platform to sway people to my direction, because, truthfully, I don’t care. I just want to believe what I believe and be happy, and people can believe what they believe. I don’t ever want to push my opinion on someone because I don’t want them pushing their opinion on me.”

Miranda believes that having politicians and pundits argue over gun-control legislation only goes so far.

“You can debate all you want, it won’t really change anything,” she notes. “It’s such a sensitive subject with everybody. I feel like there are people that should be willing to give — to meet in the middle — that aren’t, and vice versa. Obviously, I have my concealed handgun carry license, I’m pro on guns and I’m a hunter, so for me, that’s what I use guns for, protection and hunting. I’ve always been that way, it’s the way I grew up. But some people don’t feel like they need guns and that’s their prerogative. But I do think that we should each have a choice of one or the other.”

Perhaps no single aspect of the gun-control issue sparks more debate that whether or not to enact a ban on assault weapons, another topic on which she refuses to engage.

“I don’t ever talk politics,” she explains. “That’s now become a political debate. It doesn’t matter what I say, I feel like I’ll piss somebody off. All I know is you can pretty much see where I stand on everything. I have two guns tattooed on my arm, that’s all I need to say.”

On May 7, Miranda and her friends Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe will fire another shot with the second Pistol Annies album, Annie Up. That same month, she returns to the road with fellow country superstar Dierks Bentley on the Locked and Reloaded tour.


Miranda Coaches Blake On Usher And Shakira

April 24th, 2013
Miranda Daily Staff

Season four of “The Voice” is off to a great start and the camaraderie between the coaching panel — Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and new additions Usher and Shakira — has never been better. Putting any conflict rumors to rest, the mentors fielded questions from reporters at NBC’s Summer Press Day in Pasadena, Calif. on Monday (April 22), but spent most of the time exchanging friendly and funny barbs.

“I was a little bit nervous [about adding new coaches] because I knew how well the show was doing and it was beating the odds,” says Blake. “It’s a music talent show in a world where there’s a lot of those. We knew we had something that worked and I had never met either one of these two [Usher and Shakira] before. The one thing that you can’t fake is chemistry. I’ll be damned if it’s not as strong as it’s ever been with the four of us. I’m lovin’ it. I’m proud of that. Whether it was NBC or [executive producer] Mark [Burnett], whoever picked these two knew they weren’t dealing with artists with egos, they were dealing with really good people and that’s what makes it work.”

In an effort to educate her hubby on his new coworkers, Blake’s wife, and fellow country superstar, Miranda Lambert gave him a history lesson on Usher and Shakira’s impressive careers.

“I can tell you a true story right now,” he started to say.

“These tend to be long,” joked pal Adam. “There goes Grandpa Shelton telling his stories.”

“Last week my wife was with me here in Los Angeles,” Blake continued. “Every now and then I get to have her here with me on her days off. We spent probably three hours one night, Miranda was educating me on Shakira and Usher and showing me videos. She’s such a fan. She was like, ‘You don’t appreciate how …’ I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re awesome, babe. I swear to God, they’re awesome. I know they are.’ She’s like, ‘No, look at this video and then tell me!’ I swear I saw all of their videos, I listened to all their hits and that’s been the last week of my life. She sold me on them.”

One sore point among the coaches is the steals during the battle rounds, although, as it was pointed out, contestants who are stolen by another coach may still be sacrificed in favor of a singer they’ve been working with since the beginning of the season.

“That makes the decision even tougher because you do feel loyalty to the ones that picked you to begin with after you picked them,” says Blake. “There is a trust and a bond there. If you’re really doing your job as a coach, you have to make the decision based on talent and not a relationship. That’s tough. The lines get blurred and it’s a gray area sometimes. Sometimes that makes a difference in a winner and a loser in those type of situations.”

Catch “The Voice” Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:00 PM ET on NBC.


Miranda Honored in Elle Magazine Music Issue

April 15th, 2013
Miranda Daily Staff

Miranda will be featured in Elle Magazine’s Women In Music issue. The magazine has Adele on the cover. On the Elle site, they give us a snippet from Miranda: “My message is to be your own person, always—whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a superstar… We all bring something different.” In the photo Miranda is wearing her own Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci knit dress from Barneys New York. Check out the photo in the gallery, and as soon as it becomes available the scan will be added to the gallery.

– Photoshoots > 2013 > Set 004 – Elle Magazine

Miranda Covers Good Housekeeping Magazine

October 17th, 2012
Miranda Daily Staff

Miranda will cover the November 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine, be sure to pick up your copy!

On her husband Blake Shelton:
“Blake’s 90% good ol’ boy and 10% bad boy, which is a really great balance.I’m flattered that people think he’s attractive. It’s cool to be on his arm, like, ‘I’m with him, so back up, ladies!'”

On what makes her tick:
“I hate when people think I’ve changed. My defenses really go up if somebody assumes that I’m any different as a person than who I was back in high school.”

On owning more than 4,000 acres:
“We don’t buy Mercedes or mansions, we buy land. We’ve been married almost a year and a half, but have only been in the same place together for about five months. At this rate, we’ll be newlyweds for three years.”

On knowing what it’s like to struggle financially:
“I do appreciate every single dollar I earn… My parents lost everything they had…we were homeless. Our whole world turned upside down. I know it’s not that they weren’t working or trying. Sometimes you just get down on your luck, and I learned so much from that.”


– photoshoots > 2012 > session 006 – good housekeeping magazine

Miranda Talks To PARADE

May 31st, 2012
Miranda Daily Staff

Country star Miranda Lambert has a lot to celebrate.

The 28-year-old Texas native is in the middle of her mega-successful On Fire tour, she won both Female Vocalist and Album of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards, and she and husband Blake Shelton recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary.

Lambert, 28, talked to PARADE about girl power in country music, settling into married life, and sharing success with her talented spouse.

On being a woman in country music.
“Right now it seems like the girls are drawing more attention to country music. The tides are turning a bit. We are popular music now. Every other genre is starting to come over to our genre now because it’s the cool one! I think the females are leading that, and I have to give a lot of that credit to Taylor Swift for having crossover fans come our way.”

On being a role model to her young fans.
“It’s absolutely important to me. The girls who come to the show are really proud to be women and proud to be strong.”

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